NAMESick Feeling
SIGNGemini, Scorpio, Libra, Aries
LOCATIONHopefully playing Gilman
INFOAs a teen I wore a backpack to your party
Broke your speakers, and stole a couple $20’s
I heard you calmed down and gained perspective
I heard you’re getting married – how did it happen?
My parents had a house on 8th near Gilman
About 200 yards from building to building
I’m still trying to get that same feeling
Maybe it’s the year to shut up and listen
I have no thoughts
I’m alone with my phone
And if it doesn’t turn on
We’re never getting home
I knew you all
And that was it
So what does that mean now?
Since we aren’t kids
I miss my dad
I hate this shit
What the fuck
Suburban Myth
…Don Devore plays guitar.